Plurality's unique technology provides a simple, Task Oriented Programming model, best compared to that of a standard unicore processor. The model is directly supported by the hardware, as opposed to the intermediation of an operating system layer.

Contrary to other multicore architectures, the Hypercore programmer need not be familiar with the details of the machine, nor how its resources are interconnected and managed. Programming the Hypercore, beyond what is required when programming a standard unicore processor, is based on Plurality's unique Task Oriented Programming. The only programmer requirement is to perform a simple partitioning of the algorithm into specific tasks, and compose a task map accordingly.

The body of every task is merely traditional sequential code. The Hypercore automatically crunches and ingests a blend of different tasks in parallel, subject to the algorithm's synchronization constraints and sequence, relieving the programmer from managing these occurrences. Based on the Hypercore's powerful Synchronizer/Scheduler administering the work at a very high rate, cores can work closely together to execute any program. As a result of this tight coupling, programs can be divided into very small tasks, achieving extremely fine granularity. The Hypercore can tolerate such fine granularity and continue to run swiftly without exhibiting effects of stifling overhead.