Founded in 2004 and based in Netanya Israel, Plurality Ltd. is a privately held company of direct employees and dedicated consulting specialists. The company combines the skills of world-class academics, engineers, and industry experts in the field of VLSI/SOC design and advanced computer and microprocessor architectures.

Plurality’s technology is built upon supercomputer architectural concepts developed at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, to create a scalable, easily-programmable many-core processor to serve the ever growing need for compute performance in consumer, industrial and scientific applications.

In 2008 Plurality’s HyperCore multicore processor became the highest performance* architecture of any chip-level shared memory multicore processor, with which Plurality has effectively demonstrated the near-linear scaling of multicore performance levels recognized as the highest in the market today.

Plurality has created a multicore architecture capable of tracking the increasing demand for high efficiency, fine grained scalable multiple-instruction multiple-data (MIMD) solutions for consumer, business and scientific markets now and in the future.

With today’s increasing demand for the performance of reliable cost effective microprocessors, the only viable means of accelerating processor performance is the creation of a tightly integrated multicore structure.

* Instructions per second, per milliwatt of power used, per millimeter of silicon area occupied.