FPGA Dev Card

Acceleration Boards
Plurality’s first PCI Express based acceleration board includes an FPGA with 32 cores and is designed for the evaluation of Plurality’s technology.

Plurality offers comprehensive hardware and software solutions that simplify the task of migrating from serial processing to manycore processing. Unlike other multicore processors that are designed as application-specific processors, Plurality’s HyperCore Architecture Line (HAL) processors are intended to be general-purpose accelerators. There are many algorithmic applications for which HAL is well suited. Typical applications include graphics acceleration, image processing, video surveillance, gaming, networking, security, and communication.

Plurality's technology enables production of powerful chips whose small die size and power efficiency result in an order of magnitude improvement in performance per watt over current general purpose multicore solutions. 

Intellectual Property
Plurality’s IP is offered under license in RTL or GDS II formats. Plurality’s IP licenses include the following building blocks:

  • A number of cores ranging from  16 to 256 cores;
  • A hardware-based low-latency, high-throughput Synchronizer/Scheduler that manages the cores, provides nearly linear speedup, and ensures efficient task load balancing among the cores;
  • A serial-like task-oriented programming model that enables developers to easily write new parallel code or recompile existing uni-processor code, and to scale it for use with tens or hundreds of cores often without significant change, and ensures efficient task load balancing among the cores 
  • Shared memory technology that provides each core with direct, equidistant access to memory. Both shared cache and shared memory blocks are available.
Plurality is currently developing HyperCore based chip products for select key markets.  Please contact Plurality at Info@plurality.com if you wish to discuss your particular needs. 

Development Tools
Plurality’s development tools enable a gradual approach to exploring software porting with Plurality’s software emulator and achieve a precise evaluation of the performance of HyperCore products of up to  256-core with the cycle accurate simulator. The toolset includes: 
  • A software emulator supporting Linux and Windows native environments; 
  • A cycle accurate simulator that runs on an x86 platform (Linux and Windows OS);
  • A GCC cross-compiler (v. 4.0.2)
  • GNU Binutils 2.18; and
  • A cross-debugger that work within the Eclipse development environment