Plurality's innovative Hypercore Processor is a breakthrough in multicore design, architecture, and functionality, and a viable multicore processing solution that greatly accelerates complex processing and applications. It is a scalable, easily programmable, general-purpose multicore processor that addresses the performance required by modern algorithms and applications, while exploiting their inherent parallelism. Restricted only by its physical limitations, the Hypercore may comprise hundreds of cores on a single silicon chip, while it harnesses and utilizes all of the individual cores, tightly combines their operation, and converts this tightly coupled machine into one integrated superior unit of available computing power.

Green Technology
The HyperCore processor is a RISC machine that is more energy-efficient and space-saving than normal RISC machines. RISC architecture is regarded as the most energy- and space-efficient processor architecture. RISC instructions may take 1-2 cycles and the instructions can be broken down into separate tasks that can be run on separate cores. Because the instruction set of a RISC processor is so simple, the processor takes less area. RISC architecture also requires less memory referencing because programmers can use on-chip registers to store data fetched from memory and for arithmetic operations, instead of always accessing memory. HyperCore processors are connected to a globally- available shared-memory space, in which all processors are equidistant to memory, and have equal access to memory on a first-come, first-served basis. This further reduces chip size and power consumption.